Tuesday, November 25, 2014

20141124 Meeting Mary from Panama in Tustin

Just a few emails to plan, but today drove to Orange County to meet charming online friend, Mary from Panama!  We had lunch at Corner Bakery and then caravaned (sp?)  to a quilt shop in Tustin.  What an interesting person and life.  She and her husband live now in Panama and have adventures all the time there - this is after years of sailing in their sail boat.  Amazing to see her appliqued words and pictures on her quilts.  They organize and do lots of volunteer work in their community.  It's always interesting to read about what they are doing.


Flying Duck Fabric, Tustin
$13.17 - two half yards of fabric purchased with Mary from Panama!

We briefly made plans to use the fabric as part of a new liberated round robin.

After leaving Mary I went to M&L Fabrics by Knott's Berry Farm:

Too many choices.  Again I didn't buy anything...

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