Friday, October 24, 2014

Mini-Trip to the East Coast

We recently returned from a quick trip back East. It was mostly* wonderful. DH thought we'd be there to see the fall leaves, but the trees were mostly green.  

We started with a visit to WPI to see one of his professors. We attended a social event for alumni - they have about 8 times a year. They have a professor give a lecture on one of their projects then get their lunch at the faculty club and eat and chat. It was an interesting and important project. They are working on not only delivering medicine after a heart attack but repairing the muscle to take away the damage. The professor and his wife were quite nice, and there were other people there too who remembered my husband or who he remembered. It's a social thing for former students, professors and staff. WPI is a very nice environment to be in and to be associated with. When we move there I hope we attend some of these meetings each year.  

Then we went to Mark Twain's house in Hartford and it was on to Waterbury, where DH lived until he went to WPI.  
Exterior Mark Twain House

We had a bonus there as his 'little brother' from the WPI fraternity (who usually lives in Denver) was in CT for his sister's wedding. So we had dinner with him. He is an expert at wines so it's always fun to taste different ones and hear about them.

Painting in Waterbury Restaurant

We got a call from our son during dinner.  He was offered several jobs, decided after chatting with DH on the one that was a little farther away (30+ minutes) but is more about what he is studying for his masters degree. Data scientist for a company that does semantic searches for other businesses. It's also salary with benefits and what not. They will let him work part time until he graduates this December. Sounds like a great fit.  We are very proud of him.  His fiance is working full time as an engineer and has started her MA so they are both very busy.

The next day we went to Holy Land USA, a hill with folk art in Waterbury. In the 60's some guy organized people to create little miniatures of buildings in Israel that were in the bible. We had to go thru the do not enter signs that are posted around. It's something we visit every time we are in Waterbury. DH could see the construction from his bedroom window. A former mayor has just purchased it and says he will rebuilt it with another group of volunteers.  We'll see.  We went to a beautiful art history museum then in New Britain on our way to Rhode Island.  They had a quilt exhibit that was interesting, but photos were not allowed for that exhibit.

Steps at Museum

At this point *DH started feeling ill and was getting a cold.  Still we had a nice time with his friends and got to see their new home.  When we were there the old house was bull dozed and this new one created. Beautiful. Lots of windows and great views of the river and boats. We went to Waterfire in Providence and after a walk to see the fire had a wonderful dinner on Federal Hill. After two nights DH left for Cambridge as he had to work and I got to have another two days with the friends. We walked on the beach, shopped, went out to dinner, watched TV, it was nice. They had come in two cars and the last day he had to work so I had one day alone just with Ba. We went to library and several book stores. It was fun.
Designs friend liked at shops in Rhode Island

We went to their home in Winchester 
Friend's Family Quilt - beautiful and over 100 years old!

and I went thru the boxes we had left there and pulled out a long sleeve shirt and a light sweater that was nice to have on the rest of the trip.  They dropped me off at the Charles Hotel where DH was.  
Charles Hotel - Lobby and hallway decorated with quilts

Details of carpets from Charles

DH was really sick when I arrived.  So I walked to get him some cold medicine and food - he had been working so much and after the first $50 room service meal that wasn't that great he had decided to not eat (other than the granola bars I always put in his suitcase).  Gosh, It was wonderful to walk in Harvard Square again!  I had to keep on task though so just got the benedril and hamburger he had requested from Flat Patties.  The bed and room was beautiful. They had a handmade quilt in blue and white on top of a silk comforter. The desk in the room was huge - just right for what DH needed. Only we had to move out at the prices more than doubled for the third night....

We went to Assembly Square to stay at a more modest place.  DH was mainly coughing or working so I walked over to the stores and looked around. It's the first new T stop in forever and is a huge new development, but in the end it's stores and restaurants with apartments above . Very nice looking but all new. I brought DH food back and stayed sort of close as he was really coughing. I had some books to read that I had purchased in Rhode Island so I was happy do that to be near DH. He started to get better and on the second night he left the room to eat out, so much better than eating in the room!

Assembly Square Designs

Then we moved to a hotel on the Charles by Trader Joe's, a great location.  DH went to the beautiful Cambridge Library until we could check in to the new hotel, and I took a walk after my dental appointment. 

Central Square Designs

Cambridge Library Steps

I ended up at the library and we drove back to Central Square. We ate at an Indian Restaurant we had eaten at several times while there for the sabbatical. The most delicious curried salmon and non with raisins.  Yum!  We walked to a specialty bookstore with all sorts of mystical books.  Then it was back to work for him.  (The whole trip was very last minute as he realized his frequent flyer miles would expire but would get us there so we just paid for the food, car and hotels.  Meetings and projects though were added after the tickets were purchased.  His getting cold didn’t help things…)

The second day there I had a wonderful time as DH was feeling better and I got up early to have a cinnamon roll and egg at Veggie Galaxie, then I just walked and walked (almost 12 miles!) Stopped in some places (Garment District for one) but mainly just tried to go down new-to-me streets.  I ended up in Faneuil Hall Square and treated myself to a lobster roll lunch at Durgin Park.  I walked on to South Street Station and took the T to Davis Square.  I got there before DH (I had called him when I got to the station.)  We met our friends for dinner there at Out of the Blue.
Awards displayed in walking area of bridge to Boston

The last day we just packed and drove to the airport – there was time for a final Dunkin Doughnut before we got on the plane.

On the second leg of the flight I sat in the center so got to chat a little with the lady next to me.  We ended up exchanging phone numbers as we both like to walk!

Back in San Diego we decided to eat at the Phil’s BBQ in the terminal before going home to crash.  It was a good decision, no lines, same food as the restaurant!

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