Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taking Care of Buffy

This past weekend our son went to another event so we got to take care of Buffy - the little dog his friend got at the pound a few years ago.

This is the first dog my husband or I have had around.  This is the third time she has stayed with us.  When he left the first time I had our son leave the harness on as I was afraid Buffy would never let me touch her - but by the second day she was sitting next to me or on my lap so everything was fine.

She is allergic to something though so always scratching herself.  Poor baby.  Last time we got some shampoo and gave her a bath several times and that seemed to help for a while at least.  Now the vet has her on a prescription shampoo that we had to lather and then leave the soap on for ten minutes.  My husband came up with the idea to wrap her in a towel and sit with her for that time, then to return to rinse her off.  Much better than having her stand in the sink all that time!

So by the time our son came to get her she had had three shampoos, 8 walks and lots of time on my lap.  It was a fun time, but I hope the shampoo and meds will do the trick for her so she can enjoy herself more.

She also likes going in between the folds of the sleeping bag - in the photo I exposed her.  She opened her eyes wider asking me why I was doing that.

I haven't made the official bed for her yet, but she is happy with the sleeping bag for now!

I'm linking to Lily Pad Quilting - who is hosting a sponsored give away.  Please go to this link to enter and to see the linky to all the stories people are sharing about their rescue pets.  Such generous people and such lucky fur friends.


  1. Buffy is seriosuly cute! So glad she has a family that looks after her so well. Our Jack Russell has allergies too but they only seem to come at her during the late summer. We wash her with medicated shampp and give her tablets for aout 2 -3 months every year. Easier to manage with a seasonal thing, we think it's a pollen of some kind.

  2. cute dog! I have a cat that has seasonal allergies and it is so bad at times that we choose to put nail cap her hind nails as a last resort because she would scratch herself into a bloody mess. She is a much happier cat now that the allergies are under control; but, she has never learned to stop scratching excessively; so, we are having to use nail caps for the rest of her life. As long as she is happy and healthy, I am happy.

  3. What an adorable pup! Such a sweet story about how concerned your husband was for her when she was getting her medicated bath. She is a lucky pup to have so many people who care for her. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So glad you are loving your Granddog. My Granddog Lucky comes to stay several times a year. Shelley says I spoil her.....GRIN. I think that is my job...right?

  5. What a lucky dog to not only be rescued, but to also have very caring grandies to care for her.

  6. What a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing about Buffy!

  7. My poodle had lots of ear infections until we discovered he had food allergies. Food allergy can cause lots of itching. He went on Science Diet to stop the itching, then we tested until we found he was allergic to many foods. Good luck, and come visit my blog and dog Cole Porter (he's jazzy) who has his own posts and page.
    LeeAnna Paylor blog Not Afraid of Color!

  8. She is adorable! I love my grand cats too... they make life interesting when they come to visit.


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