Monday, March 24, 2014

Coloring Outside the Lines: Fractured Reality

I'm getting emails when the author of Coloring Outside the Lines posts something new.

She has been working with freshening up quilts that no longer excite her.  She is in some cases slicing the block or the quilt, inserting a strip or two of fabric and maybe slicing up again.

Here is her latest project:

And here is a search showing all her posts coded with "fractured reality series".

So daring to slice up and change things up.  I admire her for forging ahead to finished her projects.  She made a list of projects in January (along with photos) showing the projects she wants to finish during 2014.

So it happens that earlier today I made a list of my quilting projects.  I have so few finishes that I also included them in my list.  I'll work on the photos and will be posting my lists soon!  I've been so weighted down that I haven't made a bucket list of new projects to work on at all - but that would be a good thing to work on too.

I so enjoy sewing and quilting, but finding the time to do more than read about projects has been hard for me.  We are almost done with the bookkeeping for the taxes, I'm done with the conference and resigned from the board, now I can really start doing the things I've been pushing back or doing just barely enough to be satisfied.

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