Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things July 31 to Aug 6

I finally did something with fabric so I'm linking up with:

Tuesday - July 31 - I got things together to finish and submit the July FMQ for SewCal Gal.  It was a fun way to do a design, I'm sure I will use it again.
Wednesday - Aug 1 - Nothing with fabric
Thursday - Aug 2 - Nothing with fabric
Friday - Aug 3 - Nothing with fabric
Saturday - Aug 4 - Nothing with fabric
Sunday - Aug 5 - Nothing with fabric
Monday - Aug 6 - Nothing with fabric

Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday - I did not listen to The Archers this week   : (
Monday -

Way Too Much Information
Tuesday -  In the AM we worked in the square foot gardening boxes - trimmed them up so the plants had one main stem as he wrote in the book.  Now can see it is possible to have the plants so close together.  DS came over and watched a while - then we got my mom and took her to exercise class.  DS and I had lunch.  He is excited as he has been accepted to the MA program...  We met DS and his (girl) friend at The Fields in downtown San Diego for the trivia evening.  We were pretty lousy at it as most of the questions were about the Olympics but it was still fun and so nice to go out together!

Wednesday - Monday - I didn't keep track of the days and can't remember right now what I did on each day so they are lost.  I am ramping up preparing the website and forms for the fall conference and spending great deals of time emailing or calling people to get information or confirm things.  I feel pretty good about how I have divided jobs up so they are smaller.  The lady who will be doing the preregistration will be great.


  1. Congrats on finding some time to play with fabric again. You've definitely had a busy summer.


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