Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missouri Star Quilt: HST Pinwheels and a Leaf and a 3-Patch Rectangle

I was traveling around the web yesterday - looking at triangles as that is the next row for the Liberated Round Robin....

I came across a blog entry called "My First Pinwheel" she had a picture indeed of her first pinwheel - it wasn't the entire quilt or a stack of blocks.  My kind of person, someone who celebrates the little steps.

She used this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilts...

What a wonderful way to think of HST! I know it's not liberated stitching as all the triangles will turn out perfectly - but the thinking behind coming up with the technique is very liberated!

I want to sew up a lot of these!  I have a stack of assorted fabrics that I cut up in charm squares with the acucutter and a stack of smaller squares that I received in the WW Swap.  But it will have to wait until next week as I'm away from the sewing machine for the long WPI Reunion weekend.....  I do need to develop some skill in a hand craft so I can create something while on these trips....

Added:  I started with 5.5 charm squares and my sewing wasn't perfect so my squares ended up being between 3 and 3.25 inches.  I'll verify when I return from this trip.

I did get some sewing done - back to little blocks, but it's still satisfying:


  1. It's very clever! I'm glad she mentioned the concern with bias edges, because I had been worrying about that the whole video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like this ... will store it for teaching. As to the "develop some skill in a hand craft so I can create something while on these trips" I am going to start a hopefully liberated Dear JAne quilt to do all by hand. Will cut and ziploc the squares, taking each with me, one or two at a time, on road and those oh so long Peace Corps bus trips.

  3. I made a slew of pinwheels using this method ... so fun, so fast. Did NOT have an issue with bias edges, but maybe I was being careful 'just enough' for them to turn out great.

  4. Thanks for sharing it. I will look for this gal's other tutorials. I like how she thinks. As for sewing on the bias, when you come from a garment sewing background as I do,you learn to see the bias as actually helpful. It has a little ease and can scootch to fit.Just don't pull on it while you sew.


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