Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BlockLotto - June 2010 - Baskets

BlockLotto - June 2010 - Baskets



Oh, my gosh!  These were really fun!  And another example of something I never would have done without Sophie's BlockLotto!

The blocks were to be on either gold or yellow - with the bottoms and handles out of red.  The baskets themselves could be any shape - had to have at least five fabrics.  The handles had to be the same width and all with a curve.

My favorites are the tall skinny baskets.

Not only were these fun to put together, it was fun to use scraps of fabric from other projects, and oh what fun they will be to quilt - with so much yellow/gold to cover.  I would use red thread for the quilting!  And I would give the result to Pam - she would really like these blocks in a quilt!

I finished my blocks up during the week before June (my reward for sending in blocks before the deadline was getting to see the directions early).