Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BlockLotto - Mar 2010 - Log Cabin Quilt with Attitude

Mar 2010 - Log Cabins with Attitude

I posted my blocks to the BlockLotto on March 17th

For the challenge, Sophie asked us to use blue, green, purple, black and white - and just to have other colors for accent.

I won the lottery! So 48 blocks will be sent to me from around the world! Very exciting indeed!

To be added:  The backstory and process of changing these into a quilt!

Now that I have gone thru the process and won the blocks and I can see the importance of really keeping in the colors. My fabric that I used middle right had all the colors she asked for plus orange and red - once the blocks are together those are the colors that stand out.

So for now on I'm really, really sticking only to the colors she lists....