Monday, December 18, 2017

Project 1-2018: Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting and 2-2018: Leah Day Building Blocks Quilt

I got the eVersion of Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting book and have been having fun reading bits and pieces.

I hope I can keep up - knew that we are to start with making her rainbow log cabin - 80 inches square - then quilt it all within the first two months. I should have started making the blocks months ago but didn't get the pattern until the book arrived...  Have to have the quilt top done quickly though as during week 4 we will already be stitching in the ditch!  For some reason she then has us switch to a more manageable quilt as you go quilt. Maybe using a walking foot will make the quilting easier so 80 inches will be okay to start with? I don't know.

I don't like mystery quilts so haven't even tried the Leah Day project from the last two years, I'm glad to already have the book and written notes, but will not do anything before seeing the weekly videos! I will need the hand holding and support from that.

I spent today working on what may be the back of my Leah Day Explore Walking Foot Marvelous Mosaic Quilt. The front is where the action will be, and that will be done on solid fabrics so the quilting work will show up clearly!  This is a scrap quilt I was just making with fabric as I came across it (charms I won in a give away, fabric from my mom or Godmother, etc.), or finished up a charity quilt and had fabric to add to the quilt.  Each block is made up of two 4-patches. In an attempt to control the wild look a bit,  each 4-patch I have used always the same fabric that reads as grey.  With a few pinwheels thrown in as I had them... This is a quilt as you go project so the out side of each block will lose an inch so the fabric, that will perhaps make the back more interesting.

Well, I hope I can keep up with Leah's 2018 project timeline.  Now that it's closer it seems impossible, but I will at least give it the college try. I have four more blocks to make and then to decide on the front fabric and make the sandwiches.

I haven't finished her Building Block quilt yet, but it's nicely organized with each block fabric in a zip lock bag with the design to quilt included too so it will be easy to finish.  Okay that will be my second 2018 project to work on!

2018-1 Explore Walking Foot Online Lessons with Leah Day and associated three projects: a-Rainbow Log Cabin, b-Marvelous Mosaic Quilt, c-Prism Path Baby Quilt (Weekly Monday updates from Leah.)

2018-2 Finish the Building Blocks with Leah Day quilt! (On my own.)


  1. I like all the fun fabrics in this quilt. The pinwheels add a lot of interest.

    1. Thanks! They were fabrics I had when also had access to a Studio Go - so I just cut them all up! I have been using the blocks and gave s bunch away too - fun to not have to cut things out!

  2. Best of luck keeping up with your goal! I like Leah's videos, she makes things seem pretty easy :)

    1. Thanks for good wishes. Leah's videos are the best. I have done a lot of her beginning designs and was picking the intermediate ones to work on too - but it's been so long that I have to start at the beginning again. But it will be easier and quicker to get going than the first time I think - I hope! : )


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