Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Thursday Club Annual Rummage Sale

In San Diego, there is an organization, The Thursday Club,  that raises money for Balboa Park and other organizations. They hold an annual rummage sale that is a lot of fun to explore.  

This year I came prepared to just look at the fabric and craft area.  I missed the first day so the selection was less, but the prices were all 1/2 off!

I went by myself, so had to leave my pickings at the booth when I searched for the restroom.  When I returned a few of my fabric choices had been taken by others, but I still had a good experience and got a good deal.

Full Prices
A baggy with cut fabric - labeled Christmas Tree (detail photo below). $2
3 small pieces of bright juvenile fabric - .25
2 yards of polka dots - $2
1 bolt of Henry Glass black and grey fabric - $60
8 yards of green flannel - $3
1 yard of white on white (with playing cats in the design) $1
2 fat quarters yellow - 50 cents each
Total $69.25 but it was half off so payment was $37.31!

This was in the Christmas tree bag.
Last year I spent less, but we (husband came with me last year) spent more.  This time I just focused on the fabric and went by myself.


  1. Looks like a great haul. I tend to avoid sales like this because I am trying to avoid buying more than I need, but at those prices, it might be worth taking something home!

    1. If I use the fabric then it's a good deal. If I end up giving it away or selling then it's not. I'm trying to use up what I have, but started with so much from my mom and godmother that that will be I'm afraid impossible to use up!


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