Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LibRR - Starting to Quilt!

I really like the way the design of the quilting adds to the quilt - wonder if I should try using different color thread for the different sections?

I decided to start by dividing the piece in to liberated sections - then I will quilt a pattern in each section - leaving the parts with piecing alone so they stand out.  Next quilt I'm going to play with adding some additional suffing to these areas!

I'm doing the center section, then will add the rectangles and curves, etc. Sarah's method to complete my Liberated Round Robin.

I'm realizing after starting that Sarah did not do her quilting as densely as I am doing it so I thought to leave some of the part next to the seam to be added empty to make it easier I hope to tie the sections together.  My next border is to have rectangles and I was looking forward to doing some words - but they will look so backward on the back of the project so now I'm not sure what to do.  I have plenty to stitched to continue to work on while I ponder this....

I uploaded the images at original size but am disappointed that when you click on the image only the smaller version appears - so now have reset the size so it fits in the theme for the site.  I guess it was Word Press that lets you make it so when clicked the image appears in the original size.
I really like the way the stitches really stand out on this darker grey - without pesky patches to distract the eye.....

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