Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Liberated Round Robin: Initial or Center Block

The Liberated Round Robin has started!  People are starting to post photos of their initial block.  It's so much fun to see the new posts.

I was going to have people sign up to describe a row - but after discussing with M - decided to have it just be the two of us post the rows.  Hopefully there will be more Lib RR and once people see how the directions are posted, they will step forward to do.

Some of the ladies are using blocks they received in the World Wide Swap.  I have been thinking about that too.  But instead of just using a block as is, I'm going to remake it so it's easier for me to add on fabrics that I have in my stash (or she sent me).

So my newest plan is to make a circle or oval block for my Lib RR.  I will first need to sew some of the unfinished blocks together, then will make the block so there is grey on the outside of the circle or oval.  Well, I don't know what the shape is called when it is a square or rectangle with two half circles on the ends - like a race track shape.  An oval would be prettier but I'm not sure I can do that shape up...

It's been years since I made my first circles in fabric.  I was making a sun for a sampler and planets for A's quilt.  I did them one quarter of the circle at a time, then joined to them together.  I found a website with directions on on how to do this.  I don't remember started at the center and sewing out, but it worked when I did my sample test piece!

I decided to not use this tutorial, but it's another way to do a circle.

Sophie has a page with links to several ways to make cirlces - think I'll look at these links too:

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