Free Motion Quilting

Note:  I'm still moving things and setting up this new blog.

Well, the stars had Leah Day start a blog last year where she challenged herself to creating and posting a new free motion machine quilting pattern each day for a year....

I happen to find the blog earlier this year - and had the link ready to refer to when I was finally at a spot where I wanted to finish a quilt.  I didn't want to pay someone else to do it - I wanted to do it all.

An so I did.  I finished two charity quilts made for Quilts for Kids using the techniques Leah discusses on her blog.  The first finished quilt I used a different pattern (picked at random from her blog) for each color in the quilt.  The second quilt I wanted to be more organized so I started a little challenge to myself to do the beginning patterns from her blog in a different 5 inch block in the quilt.  So I did the first 15 designs - writing notes after viewing the videos, referring to the workbook I got from her site, and after completing the block.  I'm hoping the notes will help me next time I use the design.

Whenever there is a photo, double click to see the enlarged view.

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To actually have two quilts under my belt is really fabulous.  Now I am going to put together some of my BlockLotto winnings in a quilt with alternating plain blocks so I can continue on my journey of doing the beginning designs created by Leah!

Here is a link to the blog that inspires me: